Keyboard Shortcuts Are Not Enough

High Efficiency Keyboarding = Keyboard Shortcuts + Martian Keyboard

Dedicate all your shortcuts to a separate keyboard where you design the layout and hotkeys exactly the way you want.   
Not only that, but you are able to program strings of text into a key, so that you can eliminate the annoying, nuisance
keystrokes that you type over and over, day after day.
With labeling and positioning the keys the way you want, you will not have to think about the actual shortcut keystrokes.
Just press the labeled key and it's done, - very efficient and not tiring.

Hotkey shortcut keyboard

   A main feature of the Martian Keyboard is that each key has a deep memory of 500 keystrokes.
   Each key can be divided into 16 layers. Program up to 170 keystrokes per layer,  and use more layers for other shortcuts
until the 500 keystroke memory of that key is consumed.
A single key press can type a paragraph or whole mailing address into your application. Program a key in less than 60 seconds.Save keyboard program layouts for different applications such as one for Word use and another for Paintshop use.
No macros software is used on the PC makes this a simple, safe and independant keyboard.
The Martian Keyboard is used by anyone who spends a lot of time at a PC, such as for::
General PC Work Technical Writers
Wordprocessing Legal Offices
Order Entry Accounting
Web Design CAD Design
Software Developers Non-Typists
Graphic Designers Special Needs Accessibility
Customer Service Rep replies Photo & Video Editing
Gamers Industrial Control


Some Word Shortcuts:
Here are some keystrokes that you can program into the Martian Keyborad to really speed up your work in Word.
You can label/color the keys and arrange them wherever you want to make the most sense to maximize access speed.
You won't have to memorize shortcut keystrokes.
As there are many versions of Word, some of these shortcuts may not be applicable.

Shortcut    Description
Ctrl + A Select all contents of the page. Ctrl + B Bold highlighted selection. Ctrl + C Copy selected text. Ctrl + D Open the font preferences window. Ctrl + E Aligns the line or selected text to the center of the screen. Ctrl + F Open find box. Ctrl + I Italic highlighted selection. Ctrl + J Aligns the selected text or line to justify the screen. Ctrl + K Insert link. Ctrl + L Aligns the line or selected text to the left of the screen. Ctrl + M Indent the paragraph. Ctrl + O Adds or removes 6pts of spacing before a paragraph. Ctrl + P Open the print window. Ctrl + R Aligns the line or selected text to the right of the screen. Ctrl + T Create a hanging indent. Ctrl + U Underline highlighted selection. Ctrl + V Paste. Ctrl + X Cut selected text. Ctrl + Y Redo the last action performed. Ctrl + Z Undo last action. Ctrl + Shift + L Quickly create a bullet point. Ctrl + Shift + F Change the font. Ctrl + Shift + > Increase selected font +1pts up to 12pt and then increases font +2pts. Ctrl + ] Increase selected font +1pts. Ctrl + Shift + < Decrease selected font -1pts if 12pt or lower, if above 12 decreases font by +2pt. Ctrl + [ Decrease selected font -1pts. Ctrl + / + c Insert a cent sign (¢). Ctrl + ' + <char> Insert a character with an accent (grave) mark, where <char> is the character you want. Ctrl + Shift + * View or hide non printing characters. Ctrl + <left arrow> Moves one word to the left. Ctrl + <right arrow> Moves one word to the right. Ctrl + <up arrow> Moves to the beginning of the line or paragraph. Ctrl + <down arrow> Moves to the end of the paragraph. Ctrl + Del Deletes word to right of cursor. Ctrl + Backspace Deletes word to left of cursor. Ctrl + End Moves the cursor to the end of the document. Ctrl + Home Moves the cursor to the beginning of the document. Ctrl + Spacebar Reset highlighted text to the default font. Ctrl + 1 Single-space lines. Ctrl + 2 Double-space lines. Ctrl + 5 1.5-line spacing. Ctrl + Alt + 1 Changes text to heading 1. Ctrl + Alt + 2 Changes text to heading 2. Ctrl + Alt + 3 Changes text to heading 3. Alt + Ctrl + F2 Open new document. Ctrl + F1 Open the Task Pane. Ctrl + F2 Display the print preview. Ctrl + Shift + > Increases the highlighted text size by one. Ctrl + Shift + < Decreases the highlighted text size by one. Ctrl + Shift + F6 Opens to another open Microsoft Word document. Ctrl + Shift + F12 Prints the document. Shift + F3 Change from uppercase to lowercase or a capital letter at the beginning of every word. Shift + F7 Runs a Thesaurus check on the word highlighted. Shift + F12 Save. Shift + Enter Create a soft break instead of a new paragraph. Shift + Insert Paste. Shift + Alt + D Insert the current date. Shift + Alt + T Insert the current time.



 About Photoshop Shortcuts:
 The majority of shortcuts in CS5 and CS6 can be programmed into the Martian Keyboard. 
Many shortcuts are used in conjunction with TOOLs being selected (eg. Marquee) so those shortcuts do not include the selection of the TOOL too. By choosing the most valuable shortcuts and labelling your hot keys clearly, you can
speed through Photoshop actions with minimum amount of clicking icons.
Make a hot key on the Martian Keyboard to do these actions. You will save a lot of
design time and don't have to remember the keystroke sequences to type or hunt for
the icon to click:
Fill a layer foreground: Alt+Delete
Fill a layer background: Ctrl+Delete
Flatten layers: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E
Merge all layers: Ctrl+Shift+E
Bring layer to top of stack: Ctrl+Shift+]
Invert selection: Ctrl+Shift+I
                        shortcut key>        
 There are enough keys and layers on the keyboard to program hundreds of Photoshop shortcuts.
· Keycaps are relegendable:
                            - for professional looking labels.
                            - makes access to a particular key very quick.
Once programmed, it is self contained and can be moved to other PC's  without losing  the key assignments.
· It suits corporations that don't allow employees to install their own software, as the keyboard
   doesn't need software once programmed. The computer thinks it's a normal keyboard.

The unit ships with blank relegendable keycaps:
shortcut keyboard

Demonstration Video Youtube

Programming a key demo Youtube

Demo    of a few Word shortcuts Youtube     accent keys, alt keys, copy paste, change font size, change to capitals, undo

Software Screen Shots

Price: $169.00 USD
Availability: In stock

Please inquire:



Photologic Ltd. manufactures small interface adaptors for printers and instruments.   We have been supplying unique, hard to find solutions for
over 15 years, and our equipment is installed around the world.
We have supplied interface adapters for all the lineprinter equipment below:
Printers we work with over 300 line/minute speed:
Bull 6090 Magnetographic 90 pages/minute
Centronics Linewriter
Dataproducts BP1500, BP2000 band printer
Dataproducts B300, B600, B610, B1000
Dataproducts LB610, LB615, LB1015, LB1515
Dataproducts LM Series, LM615 line matrix printer
Digital Equipment DEC LP26, LP27, LP29
DEC LP37, DEC LG01, LG02, LG31
Epson DFX-8000 Dot Matrix Line Printer
Fujitsu M3041, M3042, Fujitsu M3043
Genicom 4410XT, Genicom 4470, 4490, 4490XT
Genicom 4810, 4840
Hewlett-Packard HP2563, HP2564, HP2565, HP2567
Hewlett-Packard HP2934 line printer
Hitachi FP2000, FP1500 band printer
IBM 6262, IBM 6400, IBM 6408 ASCII Printers
IBM 6252, IBM 6412 ASCII
MAI 4220, MAI 4230, MAI 4209 bandprinters
Mannesmann-Tally 645, 660,
Our Adapters Connect With:
HP JetDirect PrintServer
Lantronix printservers
NetGear printserver

Desktop Dot Matrix Printers RequiringAdapters:

Interface Adapters
For Label Bar Code
Thermal Printers

Band Printer Interface Conversions:
If you need to migrate your high speed lineprinter, to the LAN from your
legacy system, please consider our interface adapters. Our equipment
converts unusual or exotic looking printer connector such as Dataproducts
50 Pin connector or DB50 pin connector to common Centronics parallel
or RS232 serial.
Dataproducts connectors found on legacy minicomputers such as Digital
Equipment Corp (DEC), Data General (DG), Prime, MAI, Hewlett-Packard,
IBM, and even Qantel, Tandem and GEAC.

We supply external plug on devices to instantly adapt the printer interface to
a more common style, example Centronics, IEEE-1284 parallel, or
RS232 Serial. That allows connection to the LAN using print servers such
as HP JetDirect.


Parallel Cable Input to Memory Card.
Pass-Thru to printer or use NUL Printer Module. Collect Memory Card raw data remotely.
Similar to Model PDXS except has upgraded firmware and two piece packaging.
No license is required. The user is free to develop or install any existing software at the remote site to satisfy the sites exact need.
Model PDXS25-S: Serial Access to Memory Card $695.00 USD
Model PDXS25-E: Ethernet Access to Memory Card $775.00 USD

To superced
e models: SR256 and SDX serial data recorders. Taps into existing RS232 cables without any pin rewiring. Just "Plug-In" Use DB25 or DB9 Tap Accessory. For almost any RS232 Serial point. Records in the background without
interfering with the existing user system.
Application: Printers, Telecommunications, Machinery, PLC's,

Model TG $345.00 USD

Non-Interfering Tap
Small version of Model TG above.
Same functions except no timestamp feature. Model RX $189.00 USD
SERIAL DATA RECORDER     NEW FOR 2016Uses common USB Thumbdrive for storage. e.g. 2GB - 64GB
 Dual connectors saves using a gender changer to match cable connector. Dual connectors allows for pass-thru inline recording.
 Power outage detector, closes log file early to prevent file corruption.
Supports Serial RS232, RS485, and low voltage TTL 3.3V, 5 V from MCU's
NUL modem setting eliminates external NUL Modem Adapters to choose data pin. Use to log data from lab instruments, machines, phone systems,
analysers, alarm systems, print cables, or a microcontroller pin.
Logs binary, ASCII, graphics and all codes possible within the 8 bit wide storage.

Model TD $239.00 USD.

M & F ports simplifies connection. DB25 (25 Pins) Adapters can also be used.
For eliminating printers, or saving data while printing
. 250 MByte Capacity
Records 2.5 million print lines @100 characters/line.
No software. No settings. Just plug in.

Price includes memory card, wallmount power supply.
Model PDX-R
$465.00 USD
Paper saver


For making PDF's from parallel or serial print cable data
Plain generic text input, or PCL emulation input.
Uses Bluetooth data transfer to PC
Eliminates the printer on older equipment like DOS PCs, measuring
instruments, machines, or lab analyzers, e.g. Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer.

Model PD-P (Parallel) $495.00 USD
Model PD
For older Lineprinters connecting to fast print servers
Prevents stalling, garbage characters and no printing at all.
Just plug in, and begin printing.

Thousands installed.

Model NX $280.00 USD


 We ship daily to U.S. and International destinations using UPS Courier        . . .  or Express Mail Service

Please inquire about our solutions.